Nexco Networks | Hosted PBX Overview
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Hosted PBX Overview

Advanced, feature rich technology delivered through the power of the Internet.


How it Works




Nexco’s Hosted PBX is a feature-rich business grade phone system. We provide your business with every available feature we can think of and that can benefit your business including Auto-Attendant, Voicemail, Extension Dialling and Call Details.

Experience the efficiency of letting our professional team manage your communications requirements, receiving one bill and engaging one point of contact for all your telecom needs.

Reduce Costs

Enjoy the cost savings of converging your local, long distance and broadband Internet services for a low monthly cost. As well as reduce the maintenance and downtime costs compared to a traditional PBX.

Differentiate from your Competitors

Take advantage of all the features and increase the efficiency and productivity of your team. With out Hosted PBX, you will be able to better communicate internally, with suppliers and most importantly, your customers.


Our Hosted PBX users can be geographically spread out, so you can pool your lines from multiple locations and share the capacity and benefits from one simple monthly bill. Most of our competitors offer this large list of available features, however our team will assist you in proving and integrating functions that will actually benefit your team.


As one of the only network providers in Canada to provide “Burstable” Business Lines (BBLs), we allow your business to make additional incoming or outgoing calls, even if all your lines are busy! The idea is simple, we give your business capacity when it needs it because Nexco Networks understands that every call is important.

Outstanding Support

Unlike most large Telcos, Nexco Networks’ technicians, installation teams and support specialists understand your business and provide quick and responsive support when needed.

Upgrading Your Service

If you need to add additional users, adding more Hosted PBX users is simple, and it takes a few days instead of weeks because phones can be shipped and turned up remotely by our technicians . Modifying or customizing your Hosted PBX features has never been so easy. Access your online panel or give our support team a call.

How it Works


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Hosted PBX is a widely used term today to describe a business telephony service or digital telephone system for voice communication. The only thing that stays at your office are the phones, the system and it’s management are taken care of by us in our secure datacenter. This is a much better alternative then keeping your traditional system in your company closet.

Nexco Networks Hosted PBX is an enterprise-grade cloud-based IP PBX service that performs all the functions of a traditional premise-based analog PBX system and so much more while costing you much less.

With our Hosted PBX, you no longer need to shell out thousands of dollars to invest in bulky phone control units that take up office space and require costly on-site support. Nor will you have to pay double for separate phone lines and data connection.

Instead, let our certified cloud technicians install a unified phone system for you that is configured to work through your internet connection.

All the Features of a Traditional PBX & More

Fully hosted off-site on our sophisticated network and maintained round the clock by our engineers, your phone system will provide all the functions of a traditional PBX

Extension to Extension Dialing


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Voicemail and Voicemail to Email

Fax to Email

Call Hunting



Plans starting at 14.95/User/Month. Including all features mentioned above such as voicemail to email, music on hold.
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